A major new musical by Andy McGregor and Isla Cowan. 

 In 1995, Greenpeace activists occupied the Brent Spar, a Shell oil structure off the coast of Scotland. While Shell planned to dump the defunct oil rig in the middle of the North Sea, Greenpeace launched their biggest protest in history… 
To Save the Sea is a sung-through musical based on the real life events of Brent Spar. As Greenpeace confront Shell, the history here is inherently theatrical: a David v. Goliath story with hope at its heart. This is a musical about Scotland and the world, about saving the environment and standing up for what you believe in. As the climate crisis becomes more and more prevalent in the popular consciousness, this musical is timely and important, featuring vibrant characters and spectacular songs.

Kara Swinney singing Where I Want To Be from To Save The Sea

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