Tommy MacIntosh sits in the Greenock bowling club, the same seat he’s sat in for the last twenty years. When an enthusiastic young student approaches him and starts to ask him about his old band, Battery Park, Tommy is reminded about the adventures and promise of his youth. They were the kings of Scottish Britpop, they were Greenock’s own answer to Oasis. Until it all went wrong. Of course, it always goes wrong. However, the student isn't all that she seems and soon Tommy is confronted not only by the pain of his past, but the joy of it too. 

Ever Young is a short film about one man’s journey from Britpop through to Brexit. It’s a love letter to British rock music and the joy of being young, talented and ambitious. 

It is a companion piece to the upcoming musical Battery Park which tells the story of a group of young people from Inverclyde who achieved the ultimate Scottish status - that of being glorious failures.

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